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Electronics Shop (SPF)

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SPF is the Systems Prototyping Facility,  an Electronics Shop where researchers can access and share expertise, that nurtures innovation and learning, to build efficient, specialized electronics.

Located in the Allen Building, the newly renovated space sports glass-topped walls and sleek workstations. Inside, workbenches and collaborative areas provide organized space for system design, building, and testing.

Our mission is to support electronic sub-system design for cutting-edge research across the campus, with active in departments of Physics, Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering, Psychology, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Bioengineering.  We aim to enable new possibilities in a wide range of disciplines.

The SPF welcomes researchers from any department on campus, and even researchers external to Stanford, accommodating project needs with a tiered service and support structure depending on how much expertise is needed – from independently using the tools to requesting a turnkey solution. Stanford researchers are able to design and build a system themselves, or collaborate with SPF's electrical engineers.